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The Firm


The partners of the firm have combined their vast experience and sector expertise to modernize the firm and establish a truly international presence. In the last few years the firm has expanded, with offices opened around the world to cater for our clients’ global practice.

MEANAGREENMAURA has built a reputation for being a leader and an innovator in the field of maritime law, helping to change laws and create jurisprudence to the benefit of its clients.

Over the years, MEANAGREENMAURA has expanded its reach, both in terms of geographic location and of practice areas, to match the diverse needs of domestic and international clients. Coupled with the firm’s outstanding reputation for quality, this evolution has shaped MEANAGREENMAURA into a truly international firm, providing a top tier 21st century service.



At MEANAGREENMAURA we are committed to providing an excellent service to our clients, not only in terms of the quality of our work, but also in terms of client care.

Our relationships with clients are of paramount importance to us, and their long-term interests form the focal point of our work. The team is approachable and sensitive to the needs and concerns of clients, always promoting straightforward communication and trust.

We believe that the excellence in our service is a reflection of our culture as a firm, and more specifically, of the overarching team spirit that defines us.

At MEANAGREENMAURA we endorse and encourage a collaborative attitude and mutual support between our lawyers, a proactive approach to problems and opportunities, and the values of honesty, fairness, trust and loyalty as the foundation to all our relationships.



Tania Sancho se une al equipo directivo, como socia de la firma en Madrid, dirigiendo el departamento de Derecho Laboral

Apertura de nueva oficina de MEANAGREENMAURA China en Beijing bajo la dirección de Yiqian Zhang


Se constituye en el Reino Unido Meana Green Maura Management Limited, holding del grupo MEANAGREENMAURA

MEANAGREENMAURA se expande a Colombia y abre una oficina en Bogotá con Javier Rincón a la cabeza


F. Javier Zabala se une al equipo directivo, como socio de la firma en Bilbao


MEANAGREENMAURA abre oficina en Londres (Reino Unido), prestando servicios a sus clientes españoles y latinoamericanos bajo ley inglesa

Edmund Sweetman se une al equipo directivo, como socio de la firma en Barcelona, liderando la práctica legal inglesa junto con Jaime Soroa


MEANAGREENMAURA abre su primera oficina en el extranjero, abriendo un nuevo despacho en la ciudad de México


F. Javier Zabala se une al equipo de MEANAGREENMAURA dirigiendo al equipo de Bilbao

Edmund Sweetman se une al equipo de MEANAGREENMAURA abriendo oficina en Barcelona


Jaime Soroa regresa a la firma como socio director después de casi 10 años en el mercado londinense


MEANAGREENMAURA abre oficina en Cádiz (actualmente en Algeciras)


MEANAGREENMAURA traslada su oficina principal a Madrid


Pedro Maura se convierte en socio de MEANAGREENMAURA


MEANAGREENMAURA se funda como primer despacho especializado en Derecho Marítimo de España

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