50 Years Leading The Way

Meana Green Maura & Co. became the first Spanish law firm to specialise in maritime law and continues to hold the leading position in international legal practice.

About Us

Meana Green Maura & Co. is the oldest shipping firm in Spain and has made its mark as an innovator in its field. Over the years the firm has expanded its areas of practice to match the demands of national and international clients. With offices in Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Algeciras & Valencia we pride ourselves of providing an Emergency Service in all four corners of the Spanish peninsula in less than 2 hours. The firm has a team of LLM educated international lawyers and two dual qualified lawyers who fully understand the needs of the international shipping community. Meana Green Maura & Co. specialises in all areas of maritime law, marine insurance, pollution, cruise & ferry, yachts, land and multimodal transportation, commerce, administrative law, litigation, ADR, arbitration, aviation, personal injury, fisheries and EU law, among others. We are legal correspondents for many international P&I Clubs providing a swift and successful emergency response service. From the outset Meana Green Maura & Co. has built a reputation for being leaders in all areas of practice and has helped to change laws and to create jurisprudence to the benefit of its clients.

Our Background ...

Meana Green Maura & Co. was set up in 1961 under the name of Fernando Meana Green & Co. and was the first ever maritime law firm in Spain with a team of lawyers educated in England and with relevant work experience in London (HFW).The firm opened in Bilbao but has grown organically, and the firm now boasts offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Algeciras and Valencia providing a full emergency response service covering all Spanish ports . In 1976 Pedro Maura joined the firm and became partner in 1978. In 2005 the name of the firm was changed for Meana Green Maura & Co. In December 2014, founder Fernando Meana Green retired and invited Jaime Soroa to come back to the firm and replace him. Jaime spent nearly 10 years in the London Market and has come back to the firm as managing partner together with Pedro Maura. Together, they are modernising the firm in order to offer a 21st Century International Service.

... Our Background

The firm is well known for its intervention in famous cases such as the “COSTA CONCORDIA”, “AEGEAN SEA”, “PRESTIGE”, “FUNCHAL” and “ALAKRANA”, and has always been involved in all types of dry and wet maritime matters, inter alia, carriage of goods by sea, charter party disputes, collisions, general average, salvage, administrative files. The lawyers in the firm have wide experience, and are specialists in these areas. Meana Green Maura & Co. also ventured into new fields of practice, making its mark in land transportation and aviation, as well as in general commercial law. The firm has a reputation for taking on unprecedented cases, never failing to satisfy the expectations of its clients. One such case was the salvage of a harrier jet that landed on the merchant navy vessel “ALRAIGO”. Another example is the tragic collision and subsequent explosion of the “PETROGEN ONE” and “CAMPONAVIA”, in the port of Algeciras where 36 crewmembers died, and severe damages were caused to the port of Algeciras. The firm has a high media profile, regularly participating in cases of public interest such as incidents with the cruise vessels “LOUIS MAJESTY”, “FUNCHAL” and “COSTA CONCORDIA” which involved personal injury and death of passengers, as well as recently intervening on behalf of several hijacked crewmembers before the penal court in the piracy case “ALAKRANA” and participating in the suspected heritage looting case “FRIESLAND”.